Sony to demo 3D face biometric running on an Xperia smartphone

If smartphone hardware rumors are on the money, and they are usually at least in the ballpark (with the exception of transparent, bendable phones; apparently forever doomed to be mocked up in Photoshop) — then a 3D depth sensor is coming to the front-facing camera of a handset near you in the not too distant future.

Indeed, Apple has been rumored to be prepping to add such a sensor to its next flagship iPhone. Which is an educated guess — based on the company acquiring 3D sensor company PrimeSense, back in 2013. That and the fact rumors have been cranking up such an iPhone is coming this year.

But what’s the point of adding a Kinect-style depth sensor to a mobile device? There are lots of potential uses, of course, from gaming to augmented reality selfies to capturing and…

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