The Faraday Cortland Is An Electric Bike That Looks Like A Regular Bike

Three years after its original eBike the Porteur, Faraday Bicycles is launching its second luxury eBike, the Cortland.

Now available for preorder on Kickstarter, the Cortland will bring a better battery (290Wh for 25 miles of assisted riding), a more efficient motor, and better software to the line of bikes.

The new bike also has an option to attach an auxiliary battery pack under the seat, adding 20 miles to the Cortland’s maximum range. Cortland also features hydraulic disc brakes, an 8-speed gear hub, and built-in, 4W LED headlights.

While the body of the bike has slightly changed, the Cortland still maintains the simplistic, lightweight design that Faraday pioneered with the Porteur. With a battery hidden inside the frame, both the new and old models looks like regular…

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