The MB&F HM6 Alien Nation will attack your block

Fine timepieces are usually staid affairs. A little gold here, some enamel here, and a nice movement are enough to please some of us but it’s clear that a minority need hand-cut crystal domes, scurrying aliens, and enough luminous material to make a deep-sea angler fish jealous.

The new MB&F HM6 is a version of Max Busser’s popular Horological Machine series but features a few futuristic touches. The watch case is made entirely of sapphire crystal and features six tiny aliens – including a driver – that clamor all over the inside of the piece. The watch is limited to four pieces in four colors and costs $500,000 – enough to send one of these things to the moon if necessary.

From the release:

Each of the six aliens is individually modelled and hand-sculpted in white…

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