The Moto Z2 Force Edition makes sacrifices for the sake of modularity

Last year, the Moto Z legitimized modular phones. Plenty had tried and failed to deliver a device with swappable hardware components, but Lenovo/Motorola managed to pull it off — and sold “millions and millions” of phones in the process. In fact, the first Moto Z did so well the company made the line its flagship product — a bold move for a device many wrote off as a gimmick.

The arrival of the Z2 line is a moment of truth for the line — and modular phones in general. The product’s novelty was enough to generate plenty of interest for the first generation, but a year after its release is the perfect time to reassess what the inclusion of swappable Moto Mods actually brings to the product.

The first Moto Z succeeded by being a solid piece of hardware…

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