Tips for mastering Magikarp Jump, the next Pokémon masterpiece

Nearly two decades after the release of the original Pokémon Red and Blue in the U.S., the Pokémon company has come out with another true masterpiece.

It’s called Magikarp Jump, which came out for iOS and Android earlier today. It’s about training Magikarp, the most beloved Pokémon in the universe, to jump as hard as it can and squash the hopes and dreams of its opponents. But Magikarp Jump can be a complicated beast to master, so here are some tips to get started:

Choose your pole carefully and be patient when fishing

Waiting for the best Magikarp is the first step to becoming a true Magikarp master.

Name it something original

Your Magikarp will eventually have a mid-life existential crisis. Make sure to nurture its individuality if you want to be a true Magikarp…

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