Transit raises another $5M from Accel to become a hub for public transportation

Transit started off as a slick app that helped you get in a complex metro area with public transportation, but now co-founder Jake Sion has higher ambitions than that: being the go-to spot for getting from point A to point B, regardless of method.

WIth bike-sharing, ridesharing, carsharing, and plenty of other methods of transportation that you can plant “sharing-” at the front, Sion says Transit now has “millions” of users after starting off from the hope of having a better public transit app in Montreal. Today, the company said it has raised $5 million in new venture financing in a round led by Accel Partners in order to fuel that growth.

“So the big thing for Transit is to help people live in cities without cars,” Sion said. “Building an awesome experience for…

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