Twitter Ended Up Paying $479M For Ad Tech Startup TellApart, 10-K Reveals

Twitter’s largest acquisition to date, of the ad tech business TellApart, has turned out to be a little less less big than originally thought. Back in April 2015, it was calculated that Twitter would pay nearly $533 million for TellApart based on the company’s share price at the time. But a 10-K report published today notes the final numbers. It was nearly $54 million lower at $479.1 million, with $395 million of that recorded as goodwill.

The reason for the reduced final price? The company’s declining stock value, and the fact that the deal was almost entirely done in shares. Twitter paid $22.6 million in cash for TellApart, plus a further 12.2 million shares of its common stock valued at $456.5 million (not including shares and options for employees who were…

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