Uber Launches A Motorbike Taxi On-Demand Service, Initially In Thailand

Uber is expanding its taxi services from four wheels to two after the U.S. company launched a motorbike taxi on-demand service in Thailand.

‘UberMoto’ is initially a pilot service in Bangkok, a city where motorbike taxis are already a popular way to beat the city’s dreadful traffic and get from A to B quicker. Uber has offered two wheels for courier services, like UberRush, but this is the first time it has ferried passengers around on motorbikes.

The company said that the UberMoto service is “specifically developed for cities in emerging markets” where congestion is high, so it seems plausible that UberMoto may be extended to new cities and countries over time. (That said, Uber recently shuttered an auto-rickshaw pilot in India, showing that not all projects become wider…

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