Uber Says Kalamazoo Driver Had 4.73 Rating, Completed Over 100 Rides

Uber just hosted a conference call regarding Uber driver Jason Dalton, who is suspected in the killing of six people in Kalamazoo, Michigan on Saturday night. That night, Dalton allegedly picked up Uber passengers in between shootings. The call, which includes Uber Chief Security Officer Joe Sullivan, and Ed Davis and Margaret Richardson of Uber’s safety advisory board, has touched on background checks, the driver’s rating, feedback system and firearms policy.

Before the incident, Dalton, had a 4.73 driver rating prior to the incident and generally received “favorable feedback,” Sullivan said on the call. The max rating drivers can have is a five. If a driver’s rating is below 4.6, that’s when Uber might start to consider kicking that driver off the platform, according…

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