Venque’s Transformer A could be the last backpack you’ll ever need

Finding a good backpack, one you can use in a range of situations, is tricky. But Venque’s Transformer A, which is currently on Kickstarter, might just fit the bill for a good chunk of customers, however. The modular pack is the latest from Venque, which got its start on the crowdfunding site back in 2013 but has since scaled to distribution via a range of retail partners and a big lineup of packs and bags.

The Transformer A is a bit of a departure for Venque, at least when it comes to the company’s style. It still uses the trademark Quanta fabric that is very durable over time (I backed their initial camera bag and it still looks like new after years of use), but it’s got a more urban commuter vibe, whereas previous packs have had more retro vibes.

Transformer A is still…

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