Wave hello to Kano’s latest learn-to-code tool, a gesture controller

Author note: Abel Owen is Ingrid’s nine-year-old son. These are mostly his words; Ingrid just helped type them a little faster.

I use computers and the Internet all the time and really like them. They are an important part of modern life. And it’s pretty cool to know how they work. So when my mom asked me to help her review some Kano products I was like, “Yes! Let’s do it right now!”

Kano, if you don’t know about it already, is a company that makes interactive coding devices for children (and others) to help them learn more about technology and how computers and other electronic devices work. In the past couple of weeks I have looked at two different Kano devices, the Pixel Kit and the Motion Sensor Kit.

I started off with the Pixel Kit, a hand-held LED light board that

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