We went for a ride in a Huawei smartphone-controlled, self-driving Porsche

Huawei didn’t have a new phone to show at MWC this year, so it did what any good smartphone maker would: it put the Mate 10 Pro in an autonomous car and drove it directly at a dog.

Of course, the promotional video was a lot more dramatic than what the company was actually demoing at the show itself. And while the company insisted to us that the dog in the video was, indeed real and not the result of a few clever film cuts, the poor confused pup was never actually at risk during its trials.

At its MWC trials, the company brought along big cutouts of a dog, cyclist and soccer ball (okay, okay, football). The company invited us for a quick ride along to test what was essentially a clever promotion for the smartphone’s baked in AI processing capabilities. If nothing else, it was…

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