WhatsApp Co-Founder Jan Koum Quits After Internal Battle With Facebook Over User Privacy

Jan Koum in 2014.
Photo: AP

Jan Koum, the billionaire CEO of Facebook subsidiary WhatsApp, is leaving the company following disputes over “the popular messaging service’s strategy and Facebook’s attempts to use its personal data and weaken its encryption,” the Washington Post reported on Monday.

Koum will additionally step down from Facebook’s board, and was in the process of informing other senior executives at the company that he was on the way out when the Post contacted him. As the paper pointed out, Koum’s decision removes one of Facebook’s key players from the board:

Koum’s exit is highly unusual at Facebook. The inner circle of management—and the Board of Directors—have been fiercely loyal during the scandals that have rocked the social media giant. In addition,…

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