Why ARKit will make more money than ARCore or Camera Effects (for now)

After the iPhone X, iPhone 8 and ARKit launches, it’s clearer than ever that Apple owns the four waves of augmented reality. But Google’s launch of ARCore has the startup CEOs, corporates and VCs Digi-Capital works with confused (not to mention Facebook Camera Effects).

While there are technical/performance differences between the platforms, they’re more alike than different from a UX perspective. But how much money they’ll make (and how they’ll make it) could be wildly different.

To understand the differences, we’re going to dig into each mobile AR platform’s addressable markets, adoption rates, user bases, ARPUs, In-App Purchases (“IAP”), premium apps, adspend and eCommerce sales (as well as ROW vs China).

All about that base


Using hard data from OS/messaging feature adoption as a guide, the starting point is installed base (Note: this is installed base…

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