WineryGuide is, quite obviously, a guide to wineries

As a fan of wine and guides, WineryGuide got my attention. Created by Aga and Mariusz Andryszewski, the service offers detailed guides to wineries in Napa Valley in a compact and smart way.

“The WineryGuide app puts all of the expertise of a professional wine concierge or tour guide with years of experience in Napa Valley at users’ fingertips. We use latest technology to answer the most commonly asked questions and help visitors to get from where they are to where they want to go quickly, easily and accurately,” said CTO Mariusz Andryszewski. The first version was a simple guide but now it is an iOS native application adding coupons and GPS-based deals to the mix.

The team worked with wine expert John Stallcup to create an app that wasn’t a marketing vehicle for wineries and…

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