With the Sphero Mini, you get a robotic ball for just $49.99

It’s been a busy year for Sphero, with the release of products like R2-D2, Spider-Man and Lightning McQueen. But the robotic toy startup is still making non-licensed, non-tie in products too — including the Sphero Mini, its most affordable toy yet.

“We wanted to make Sphero products accessible to everyone,” said co-founder and Chief Software Architect Adam Wilson.

The Mini is basically a shrunk down version of the Sphero 2.0 — it’s 42 millimeters tall and 42 millimeters wide, and it weighs just 46 grams. To get it down to this size, the team had to sacrifice some of 2.0’s capabilities, like wireless charging. (Wilson added said the Mini isn’t waterproof, and it’s less durable.)

Still, the Mini has most of its larger sibling’s features. You can use a smartphone…

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