WWDC 2017: I miss Steve Jobs and his 'Reality Distortion Field'

I miss Steve Jobs and his 'Reality Distortion Field'

Yes, Darth Vader made an appearance at Apple’s WWDC 2017 keynote.

Yesterday’s WWDC keynote made me nostalgic for the Steve Jobs days, with his laid back style and calming ‘Reality Distortion Field.’

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Keynotes of past were tranquil. Peaceful. Even Zen. The excitement was limited to a new product or feature, and the event was carefully paced so that everyone had time to absorb the information, and take a breath before moving on.

We were teased with new products, and given more than we expected, but not so much as to feel overwhelmed or overcome.

Pricing was discussed, but in a low-key, discreet, and tasteful way.

But not…

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