Xiaomi To Release New Mi 5 Smartphone In China, India And “Other Global Markets”

Xiaomi is ready to do it again. The company just introduced its latest smartphone and it looks fantastic. Xiaomi is no longer a company that looks to others for inspiration. Xiaomi is no longer an upstart, it’s a global leader — one that has high expectations and a lofty $45 billion valuation — and the new Mi 5 has the goods to be a trendsetting device.

The Mi 5 is an important device for Xiaomi with a lot of improvements over older models. It’s the first Xiaomi phone with a physical home button and front-mounted fingerprint sensor. (Last year’s Redmi Note 3 has a scanner on its reverse.) There’s even a special edition of the phone that’s available in a body made out of ceramic, which is another first for Xiaomi.

However, most importantly, this is the first Xiaomi…

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