Yahoo brings its Q&A site to mobile via a new app, Yahoo Answers Now

Yahoo has quietly launched a native mobile app for Yahoo Answers, one of the web’s largest Q&A sites which attracts over 3.1 million U.S. monthly visitors. The app, which was previously being tested under a different name, Yahoo Hive, was rebranded to Yahoo Answers Now at the beginning of the month. Like the web version, Yahoo Answers Now lets you view, ask, answer and track questions posed by the online community.

Yahoo Hive had been flying under the radar since its arrival on the App Store this summer. Based on screenshots, it appeared to be a reimagined version of Yahoo Answers, operating under a different brand. The app was thought to be Yahoo’s attempt to challenge Q&A site Quora with a more modern, easy-access service for posting and responding to people’s questions,…

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