ZAGG Slim Book: The best keyboard for the iPad Pro

I’m a keyboard guy. I’ve been using them with iPads for years. The ZAGG Slim Book is the third keyboard I’ve used with the iPad Pro and it’s easily become my favorite. It has a number of features that bests both the Apple Smart Keyboard and the Logi CREATE keyboard case.

The Slim Book design is much like that for the iPad Air 2. It has a plastic lid that forms a case for the iPad Pro, and a keyboard dock. The iPad Pro can be detached from the magnetic hinge of the keyboard and used alone.

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The detachable lid is my favorite thing about the Slim Book. Using the iPad alone is as simple as lifting it out of the keyboard dock. It’s just as easy to put it back in the dock. The lid is very light so it adds little bulk and weight to the hefty iPad Pro when using…

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